New Casinos

Are you looking for new casinos? On this page, we have gathered all the new casinos 2020 so that it will be easier for you to be first with the latest. Here we keep an eye on everything that a new online casino offers today when it comes to trends, how they can compete against old gaming sites and answer common questions that players often ask themselves.

New Casinos 2020

New casinos generally offer good bonuses for new players, modern design with the latest features and of course the most popular games that players want. To find a new casino that suits you and your gaming interests, we have compiled a helpful guide that presents all the latest casinos on the market. All new online casinos we recommend are safe and in our opinion, have a bright future in the gaming industry.

How do you know what is a good casino and what is not? There are many benefits to trying out new casino sites online, but it is not always easy to know which gaming site to invest in. New casinos are emerging like mushrooms out of the ground – despite the prevailing competition – and offering more and more unique features to their players.

Benefits of playing at a new casino

As new online casinos are launched, competition in the casino market increases. While this may make it difficult for gaming companies to maintain their popularity, the tough competition only benefits you as a player. These are some of the main reasons why a newly launched gaming site is extra interesting:

  • Casinobonus | Of course, one of the biggest benefits involves the welcome bonuses . New sites that want to get players’ attention can offer extra generous bonuses to new players. This can be, for example, large bonus amounts, low wagering requirements or even free money.
  • Popular Games | The range of games can also look different at new gaming sites. This is because the newcomers in the industry have carefully studied what actually goes home among the players in the game. Here, extra emphasis is placed on offering software from leading suppliers and the newest and most popular games. The fact that new gaming sites focus on including software from the industry’s leading game developers has to do with players preferring quality over quantity.
  • User friendly | Great focus is also placed on sorting and dividing games , so that players can more easily find new and old favorites. Many game sites choose to offer flexible filtering functions that divide the games according to layout, theme or function. It is also usually possible to mark games as a favorite and to search for specific game developers.
  • Good support | Since new casino sites always put their players at the center, among other things to be able to compete with the rest of the gaming market, they are also careful to offer a customer service of the highest class. A Swedish-speaking support department that is available around the clock, including via live chat, is a common phenomenon. Apart from this, they usually offer helpful information to their players, for example in a FAQ.
  • Mobile optimized | The majority of today’s players expect as good an experience in the mobile as via the computer. Therefore, it is no wonder that new casinos in November 2020 put extra focus on developing modern mobile casinos with flexible functions that are compatible with all operating systems. Apps are not as common, instead games are offered directly via the browser.
  • Modern payments | Last but not least, new Swedish casinos understand how important it is to offer flexible and free payment methods such as Trustly or mobile transfer. At present, it is becoming increasingly important for transactions to proceed extra quickly. That’s why Pay and Play casinos – also known as “new casinos without registration” – are extra popular.

All new casinos you find in our lists have undergone thorough reviews in terms of game offerings, customer service, security and user-friendliness. In our casino reviews you will find all the information you need about each casino before you choose to register.
We recommend that you read through this information to get a better idea of ​​what the new casino has to offer. You should also read the casino’s general terms and conditions to find out your respective rights.

Latest trends in the gaming market

If you compare older gaming sites with those that are newly launched, you can distinguish certain recurring trends. A few years ago, it was modern with adventure casinos, meaning that there was a structure around the casino games that could, for example, mean that players would collect points, get between “islands”, or different levels, and then be rewarded in different ways. Today, there are other types of features and layouts that players find interesting.

In some cases, it may be easier for a newly created website to focus on modern functions and structure the site in a modern design, than for an older site to change direction and layout. Below we will take a closer look at some of the popular trends in the gaming market that the brand new gaming sites can offer:

  • Better casino bonuses: Bonuses with favorable conditions create curiosity among players. After seeing several sites without bonus offers, the trend seems to be reversing. Bonuses are popular with players and many like to play with free money and trendy free spins with no wagering requirements.
  • More games with unique features: Game developers are investing heavily in creating popular casino games that stand out from the crowd and win players’ approval.
  • Increased security focus : Today’s players value security and therefore the newest casinos are increasingly focusing on security, both in terms of gaming responsibility and licenses.
  • Faster transactions: More and more new Swedish casinos with fast withdrawals are appearing on the market. Via payment services such as Trustly and mobile transfers, players can get their money on the same day.

This list shows what casino players want right now. Some of the best casinos have been on the market for a while, which means that age is not a decisive factor in what makes an online casino really good. However, it can be stated that there are several reasons to take a closer look at the new pages when comparing gaming sites with each other.