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Are you looking for the best online casino? We list the best casino sites for you who want to play casino online. Choose an online casino from our top list and read our independent review. With our casino reviews, you will always find current and hot offers from all of the best online casinos in 2020.

Best Online Casinos 2021

There is a lot to think about when choosing a casino and it is easy to get confused in the jungle of different kinds of bonuses, games and layouts. online casinos. Hopefully we can help you a bit along the way by sifting through the huge numbers that exist in cyberspace and offering top lists of safe and good online casinos. Below you will find everything you need to know to find the best casino online.

How to find the best online casino

The online casino world can seem overwhelming and complicated to the novice player, so we guide you to help sort out any question marks. We recommend the best online casinos and explain everything about security, responsible gaming, banking methods and frequently asked questions.

There are far too many rogue casino sites on the internet for you as a private person to be able to find a new casino online without going to one or two rivets along the way. As you probably noticed from all the advertising, the competition is fierce and it is not entirely easy for new casino sites to be seen even if they offer a really awesome product.

Casinos online 2020

If the last few years are an indication of how things will go for online casinos 2020 , it looks very bright. We have seen several successful launches recently and coldly expect that the industry will continue to tighten and the players will only get better, all year round.

Above all, we will most certainly see a lot of continued improvements on the mobile front at both established and new casinos. In recent years, casino gaming from mobile has more than doubled and accounts for almost a third of all casino gaming. This will of course play a decisive role in which players will succeed in the casino market.

If you do not succeed in standing out and delivering an online casino that works like a dream regardless of device or screen size, you as a casino operator will quickly fall into oblivion. So expect that this year too will be characterized by great competition, which always means better choices and fair conditions for us players.

Which online casino should you choose?

There are almost more casinos online than can be counted and new online casinos continue to be launched annually. On this page, we list the absolute best online casinos that all have an approved license and that we have tested and reviewed.

To decide which is the best online casino for you, it is recommended to start by deciding what is most important to you. This can be, for example, the range of games, payment methods or wagering requirements. Maybe you are looking for a casino site that guarantees that the winnings are tax free or if there is support for digital wallets such as Neteller and Skrill . Then compare different gaming sites with each other.

Independent casino reviews

To find the best casino online, we have done the hard work through independent casino reviews, and highlight the most important positions. This way you avoid spending unnecessary time on a casino site which then turns out to be completely wrong for you. We always strive to provide an objective view of the online casinos that we evaluate and do not allow ourselves to be influenced by any outside party. This is why you can trust that our casino reviews are correct and that the casino rating you see gives a fair picture when you are looking for the best online casino that is offered to us players.

Fresh casino reviews of good gaming sites

We update the site daily and thus keep the information about the best online casino brand new. We add new sites that stand out and of course also remove gaming sites if they no longer measure up.

The casinos that we list are all good alternatives as we do not publish a page whose rating is less than five, but they have different strengths and weaknesses that we hope are evident partly through the sorting tool and in the deeper analyzes that you find in each casino review.

In the reviews you will find information about each online casino and the type of games they offer. You can quickly get an overview of the online casino’s payment methods, jackpot games and what bonus they offer.

We constantly have our ear to the ground and an exclusive insight into the rock-hard gaming industry so that even a new casino can have the chance to be seen. We do not think that financial muscle should determine how many players a new casino site manages to recruit. It should be how you care about us who play and the offered casino games that determine how new online casinos succeed. For those of you who want to see more new sites, we can recommend that you check out our list of new casinos 2020 .

How we rate a casino site

There are several things we look for when we do a casino review. How was the response in the casino site’s chat support? Is telephone support possible? How fast did the online casino make a withdrawal to our account? What games does the casino site in question offer? What does the welcome bonus look like? Everything that contributes to the experience counts.

In general, we can say that simplicity and speed give high marks. But it is in the small details that you find the strengths and weaknesses, which is why we always do a thorough review of the online casino before setting the rating.

To give an example of what we take into account to rate, say a bonus, pose the following: A large bonus amount does not necessarily mean that the casino site offers the best bonus, there are several other criteria that are important. For example, we take into account wagering requirements, deposit limits and the simplicity for us players to keep track of how close we are to actually realizing the free amount. Everything contributes to the total amount we then set.

Customer service at online casinos

Some of the casino reviews deal with customer support at online casinos. For some players, this is a decisive factor and, for example, thinks it is important that the gaming site has localized language support, while others want to be able to reach them around the clock. Good to know is that some online casinos only have support via email, while others offer both chat, phone and fax. In many cases, the chat is most effective where you get your questions answered immediately, but keep in mind that not all sites keep the chat open 24/7.

Are online casinos safe?

To be able to feel safe with an online casino, it is good to first check out the gaming page based on a couple of important aspects such as license, data security and payment security.

Gaming license

In order for a casino to operate on the gaming market, it must apply for a gaming license from 1 January 2019. The license is issued by the gaming inspectorate, which only approves the casinos that comply with the law, in order to protect the players and work for a safe market.

Encryption technique

All of our recommended online casinos use some form of encryption technology to make transfers secure, such as a modern 128-bit SSL security mechanism. This means that information such as your personal information and account information is encrypted and kept protected.

Payment security

Thanks to modern encryption technology, the money is kept secure from a third party. The money is thus also kept separate from the gaming site’s own operating money, which helps in the protection against hackers and also fraud.

Common Questions

What is an online casino?

Instead of going to one of the four land-based casinos we have in the country, all slot machines and many casino games are also available in your computer, tablet and mobile phone. 
You can spin slot machines, talk to the dealer in blackjack or bet on an upcoming football match no matter where you are, as long as you have a working internet connection.

How do I know that an online casino is fair?

To be allowed to offer games for money, it is important to follow the new law that was introduced in January 2019, which requires gaming companies and casinos to have a license. 
This license can only be obtained from the gaming inspectorate and in order to obtain a license, the gaming sites are required to have a clear gaming responsibility and that the games are safe and reliable.

Is it possible to cheat on slot machines?

All our recommended casinos use an advanced random number generator, also called RNG (random number generator) which tests games and checks that they work with random wins. 
In other words, it should not be possible to read a pattern when a machine will distribute the next win. 
In this way, the winnings are distributed fairly.

Do I need to download any software from the casino?

Today’s gaming sites allow you to play directly from the website without the need to download any software. 
This means that it is just as easy to play from any device you prefer, regardless of computer, mobile phone or tablet. 
Some sites, however, have their own app, which means that you can get to the gaming site more than one click without having to go through the browser, but most of the time the range of games is very limited. 
This has to do with the fact that the older games are not mobile-optimized.