Online Slots

Online slots rank as one of the most popular online casino games. It forms part of the most played casino games around the world. The simplicity and high winning percentages is what draws many online players to online slots. As a new player, you are most likely to learn online slots quickly compared to other casino games. Furthermore, there are many types of casino games you can choose from at your preferred online casino.

  • High payouts for online slots
  • Wide variety of online slot games

If you have experience with playing the slots from brick and mortar casinos, you will have an easy time with the online version. The same rules apply only that you will be playing from an online slot machine. One major factor that makes online slots most adored by online players is their randomness. You do not need a deep strategy for pulling the matching symbols. All you need is a bit of lady luck on your shoulder.

Types of Online Slots

The beauty of online slots is that they come in a variety of modes that suit your style and preferences perfectly. The 3 reel slot machines are the most popular online slots for players. It bases on the brick and mortar slot machines. All you have to do is match the symbols from top, middle and bottom. 5 reel slots are another addition that features two added reels with high payline possibilities and cash prizes.

Progressive slots is another type that is gaining its reputation among online players. It features an increase in the jackpot by a small amount if there is no winner within a game. It has higher odds but features high returns. Mobile slots are specifically designed to play on mobile phones or tablets. Mega spin slots are another type that allows players to play from more than one game on the same screen for online players.

Slot Mechanics

Slot machines are specifically designed by gaming developers that dictate the game types and payouts. When it comes to winnings, the slot machines feature a random number generator. It refers to a computerized code written in the architecture of the slot machines. The RNG ensures that the outcomes from spinning the lever by the player are completely random. Therefore, each win at the slot games are purely based on luck and not a strategy.

  • Winnings are purely random
  • RNG dictates there is no false play

Mechanics Behind Payouts

In terms of the technical aspects of payouts, the online slots use the same mechanics for their players. The number of times you can make a win at the online casino is determined through the hit frequency. The amount of payout you will get from the slot machine is determined through the return to player rates. The hit frequency refers to the probability of making a hit when playing your favorite online slot game.

  • High RTP means a larger payout
  • A low RTP means the house keeps most of your winnings

Types of Bonus Rounds

The most common type of bonus round for online slots is the free spins. You get a chance to spin the reels without using your money at the online casino. The wheel bonus games is another popular bonus round. It starts with a certain number of scatter symbols that appear on the active paylines. The click me feature is another type where players click on the screen to unlock hidden items on the screen.

Gaming Developers

Since the advent of online slots, software developers have been advancing the game with new features and technology. The level of competition among the gaming developers is resulting in new and advanced slot games for players. Microgaming acts as a front runner in the software development world launched in 1994. NetEnt is also another innovative developer with over two decades of experience in the gaming development world. IGT and EGT Interactive are worth the mention.

Why We Love Online Slots

Online slots are a God-given gift to new players entering the gambling world. Not everyone has the background experience and expertise in playing progressive card games. Sometimes all you need is feeling lucky to try out the online slot games to win. The slot games are very convenient while taking second to swap the slot machines. Furthermore, you can play for totally free when you are running low on cash while at the casino.